Rebranding – Casa Vera Cruz

Within the scope of its activities, Casa Vera Cruz provides different support services, services and projects aimed at combating various forms of poverty and social exclusion, initially for the community of Vera Cruz, Aveiro, and later, working in a broader sense, developing other support services for families and the community in favor of development, sustainability, social responsibility and patronage. With its fiftieth anniversary coming up, the institution wanted to update not only its image but also all of its communication, in order to better identify its services and values and to distinguish itself from other organizations that provide other community support services. It also wants to give it a more modern look and adapt it to the new digital platforms.

01. Visual identity

We teach them how to grow,
we grew up teaching.

To create the visual identity, we were inspired by the brand’s main values and its multidimensionality. We want to convey the rigor and professionalism of the institution with a modern, somewhat irreverent look for some differentiation and, above all, a friendly look that conveys the trust and empathy of the institution.

We wanted to give this logo a dynamic/modular look and represent all these aspects with simple lines and geometry. The brand was also designed to be easily deployed across the various services, target audiences and age groups that the institution covers.

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02. Illustration

A language
universal and inclusive

The illustration created for the brand is inspired by the unfolding of the simple shapes used in the logo to give life to a language that is more communicative, more dynamic and adaptable and, above all, more targeted at the younger communities for which Casa Vera Cruz provides its support.

The mono or two-tone aspect can be used, creating interesting compositions, full of life and full of the brand’s values and message.

03. Brand deployment

A brand built
thinking of everyone

Due to the various areas in which Casa Vera Cruz operates, it was also a challenge to create a brand that would easily adapt to the visual language required for each of them, due to the profound differences in the target audience and the message to be conveyed.

The differentiation of colors and easy adaptation of the visual language of the main symbol and the brand illustration to “decorate” each area made this adaptation very fluid and organic, with the addition of adapting the language and phrases used for each one as well.

If they say so who we are to disagree?!



Raquel Costa
Project management

Creative Art

Benzy Oliveira
Creative Director / Brand Designer

Carlos Pereira
Brand Designer

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