Branding Design June 3, 2022

Rebranding Alternatives_

The Alternativas_ project, a social and health intervention initiative run by Casa Vera Cruz, works to support and raise awareness of addictive behaviors and dependencies.

At first focused on intervention in social housing estates addressing issues related to substance use, it later broadened the scope of its intervention to include non-substance addictions such as gambling, the internet and social networks (screen addiction).

  • Client

    Casa Vera Cruz

  • Branding

    Visual Identity, Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Graphic Design,Illustration

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Change your path,
write a new story

01. Visual Identity

The concept of representing the Alt key is then used and adapted. To reinforce the ideas of choice and change, we have added the symbols < and > to the logo, highlighting them with color. A small note to add dynamics and balance to the composition.

The button is represented by simple lines for easy adaptation to digital and print media, also for the sake of appearance for a more modern and up-to-date look.

Main colors

#5A45DA PANTONE 2726

R 54
G 88
B 136
#87888A PANTONE 431

R 135
G 136
B 138

R 111
G 221
B 195

Secondary colors


02. Illustration

By creating these mascots, we have made the project easier to identify, both for young people and for their tutors and teachers.

Using symbols from the logo itself, from the brand’s own visual identity, we gave life to these characters that represent an organic approach to a digital character, metaphorically and literally representing the concept of alternatives.



Carlos Pereira
Brand management

Raquel Costa
Project management

Creative Art

Benzy Oliveira
Creative Director


Benzy Oliveira
Creative Director

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