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Primus Vitória Website

Primus Vitória is a traditional tile factory located in Aveiro. One of the oldest in the district, it is well known nationwide mainly for its selection of traditional Portuguese tiles and the restoration of old tile patterns.

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    Primus Vitória

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    Webdesign, UI/UX Design, Front-end & Back-end Development

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    Ceramics, Industry

Open Project

A new platform
built piece by piece

01. Strategy

The challenge was to rethink the brand’s website and redesign it for a more up-to-date look and user-friendly navigation, suitable for various devices.

With a structure that could accommodate and clearly display the various product ranges, and suitable for many of its stakeholders (mainly architects and contractors) who used the site as a catalog for their projects. A challenging project, as we wanted a platform that was simple in terms of appearance and navigation.

Define the floor plan
for a structure
very solid

02. UI/UX Mapping

We have established a general structure for the website with the information ranked in order of importance

We divided this information between the pages and paid special attention to the products, where the ranges and their characteristics had to be very well understood in order to define a useful and practical structure for the users in question.

The right pieces
for a brand
more authentic

03. Styles

As the brand didn’t have well-defined styles for a digital identity, we redefined the colors and fonts used, always within the branding established for the brand.

The new fonts, aligned with the brand’s values, give it an elegant and at the same time very communicative character, bringing it closer to the user.

a a methodical process

04. Wireframing

Once you’ve defined the “floor plan” and the styles to be used, it’s time to start structuring in a more concrete way.

We established the “skeleton” of the website, distributed the content, and began to test the platform’s navigation more thoroughly. Relating all the information we’ve been organizing, a lot of tests.

"Go, get it" user!
All this with you in mind!

05. User interface

The main focus was on the product page, which required a great deal of effort to understand, simplify and design for intuitive navigation.
Programming would be a complete undertaking in itself, as it always requires some movement and interaction.

All this while maintaining visual simplicity, the golden rule of design…and programming :D.
We loved the result, our clients also loved it and admire the work we did… we’d like to think so.

If they say so who we are to disagree?!

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