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O’Barracão Website

Barracão is a neo-traditional restaurant located in Vagos, Aveiro.
Its focus is to combine traditional Portuguese cuisine in a rustic and welcoming atmosphere with some more modern culinary approaches. It uses its communication to exist beyond its physical space, for a closer relationship with its customers and visitors.
This restaurant is more than 20 years old and its founders have a longer relationship with the restaurant business. Over the years, the restaurant has evolved in terms of service, menu and physical space, becoming one of the main gastronomic references in the area.

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Open Project

A new digital platform,
with a more refined flavor
and fresh, new ingredients

01. Revenue

Our relationship with this brand has been very close since the restaurant’s rebranding in 2014 and we have been working together ever since, with an ongoing branding and management project. They already had a digital presence, but this time the challenge was to create something more like a space, an experience and an expansion of the restaurant into a virtual form.

Something more than a pretty website, with the aim of making it a suitable tool for your visitors to get to know the restaurant, easily find the menus and information and, above all, feel the good vibes and history of the restaurant.

a recipe
to success

02. UX Mapping

We wanted a very clean and dynamic approach, and to use real photos of the products, the restaurant and the people.

We established a structure that could support all the information that the restaurant has to convey, in an organized and intuitive way, prioritizing information by density of use.

Combine with new
and combine again

03. Styles

We chose new fonts and color palettes, always in line with the brand’s values and communication, to define this new approach.

The elements chosen are fresher, more elegant and always with a touch of “magic” and fascination, typical of the brand.

One cooking
between the low heat
and the pressure cooker.

04. Wireframing & user interface

We used some animations to bring the interactive items to life, to give it that cheerful “vibe” that the restaurant has.

We kept a well-divided structure so that everything was easily accessible and memorized, and we mixed all this with the feeling that we were going to cook something special… and so we did.

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