M&J Wedding Invitation

“Our True Tale” was a challenging project for the team: a wedding invitation that would be unique with a classic touch at the same time. A project with very specific contours, because the challenge was to escape the conventional presentation of a wedding invitation, without letting go of all that magic that surrounds the celebration, that expectation of a magical day. It’s never easy to express the love between two people on paper until the moment they say yes… Through storytelling and design, we were able to tell this unique love story. We wanted to represent this story in the form of a short story and with a very detailed, classic-style design, using an illustration style to give the compositions an organic feel. No amount of time together will be enough, but can we start with forever?

  • Client

    Marta Andrade

  • Branding

    Visual identity

  • Design

    Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial

  • Tags

    Events, Invitations

Open Project



Carlos Pereira
Project management

Creative Art

Benzy Oliveira
Creative Director

Miss Studio
Graphic Design


Rebelo Graphic Arts

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