Design June 3, 2022

Design for photographic exhibition – City Museum

We designed and idealized all the graphics for the exhibition, inspired by the work of António Campos Graça (father) that his son, also António Campos Graça, put together. We were not only inspired by the person, but also by his vision and love for the city of Aveiro. In the basic image of this exhibition, which publicizes the work and estate of the amateur photographer, we used the graphic metaphor of a gaze that discovers, records and reveals the city. The rectangular shapes represent the geographical layout of the city and its characteristic salt flats, which are divided into similar shapes, while the circle that cuts through these shapes represents the gaze of the photographer himself, of the person, of Aveiro…

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    Aveiro City Council

  • Design

    Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Illustration, Print

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    Arts, Museum

01. Design of communication articles

An exhibition of
love records
by aveiro

Man. Aveiro, the city he loved.

The lens that captured passion. The photographic work. The documents/records we archive. Aveiro City Council, trustee by will.

The study by the “Photographer of Aveiro’s History”, as Gaspar Albino called him. Love for Aveiro, which the City Museum exhibits and perpetuates.

02. Exhibition design

The photographer
who loved Aveiro

We have obviously used photographs by the author to complement this idea and to adorn the composition, which is also essential for giving some context to the style and content of the exhibition. The colors used are inspired by the classic tones of photography (black & white and sepia).

These tones are complemented by orange/copper, a warm tone to balance the composition and, as copper is a metallic tone, it gives a certain distinction without being too elegant or elitist like silver or gold.



Carlos Pereira
Project / production management

Raquel Costa
Project management

Creative Art

Benzy Oliveira
Creative Director


M&A Print
Printing & production

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