Branding June 3, 2022

Branding Osteria di Tutti

Pull up a chair and sit at the table.

Osteria di Tutti is made up of people who have made history, of celebrations, memories and dialogues. They are the new chapter in that old story of affection, with flavors that transport, embrace and are capable of transforming the world with such kindness and generosity. They are the meeting between the past and the present.

It’s like going to your grandparents’ house for Sunday lunch, it’s a welcoming place where you can be genuine. That’s where love is the main ingredient. Osteria di Tutti is the revolution of tradition, with a new truth that embraces a life with more respect and equality. His cuisine conveys this feeling through its flavors, combining traditional Italian cooking with the innovation of veganism.

A cuisine designed to harness the true power of plants in a 100% vegan diet.

  • Client

    Natz Agency

  • Branding

    Visual Identity, Brand Strategy

  • Tags

    Food, Vegan Food

revolution and tradition

01. The logo
We took inspiration from Italian tableware and Renaissance art to shape the logo, adorned with a simple pattern and some floral motifs. The hands that wrap around him symbolize touch, the heritage of ancestors, human presence, embrace and involvement.
They also give the idea of the dish being served or even rotated, to make it easier to take another slice of pizza.

with a classic look but some contemporary details completes the composition in a meeting between the past and the present.



Carlos Pereira
Brand management

Raquel Costa
Project management

Creative Art

Benzy Oliveira
Creative Director


Osteria di Tutti

João Sérgio

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