Branding Design June 3, 2022

Branding Enginear

Enginear is an engineering and consulting company. The brand represents a small, very personal office that manages construction and engineering projects. Being a very personal brand, we wanted it to have a personal approach too.

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We know
the way

From the naming of the new brand, Enginear was chosen because the person responsible for the project, Ricardo, had a degree in engineering. The pun is clear: “an engineer, always nearby”. We want to represent Ricardo’s personal approach to his projects and his clients.

The brand’s slogan: “We know the way” – chosen to emphasize the idea of trust and proximity, and it chose a labyrinth to support the brand’s imagery throughout the various touchpoints where it will be present, speaks clearly of the slogan and the brand’s entire philosophy.


A professional
always close...

The logo completes the idea with the buildings and the connection between the “i” and the “n”, forming those buildings.

In addition, the dot on the “i” brings a human presence to the logo, giving it that feeling of a personal approach.

Brand behavior

The simple way
that the brand must follow

We opted for a monochromatic approach for this brand, for its simplicity, and blue is the color we chose.

The energetic tone of the blue color we chose gives the right feeling of being a confident and serious brand, but it also gives the feeling of being a young and daring brand.

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