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Branding & Digital Platinium

Platinium® is a brand of paints and painting and construction materials for professional use or for the most technically demanding.
Designed to have a pragmatic approach, the brand has a simple visual identity, supported by a combination of tones that allows for a certain liveliness to balance out its practical nature.

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Open Project

A presentation
simple, direct and
easily recognizable

01. Branding

The logo features a simple, legible font, emphasizing the technical nature of the brand. It combines shades of two main colors: orange, and gray, which is one of Gandalf’s favorite colors.

Alternate between large areas of color and white backgrounds for more spaced-out, lighter compositions.

Platinium Professional

Platinium's identity
was designed for
shaping a brand
practical and communicative.

Platinium identifies and communicates mainly through its product and its packaging. They convey the simplicity of the brand and its practical and technical nature. We use large areas of color and generously sized text to make it stand out from other brands. This layout/style is replicated across the product range, making it easier to identify the name and characteristics of each product.

Platinium Home

The Platinium Home
is a branch of the
outside the professional sphere

The Platinium Home brand represents another product line aimed at a wider and less technically savvy audience.
Even so, it conveys the same pragmatic approach as the main brand, using photography to reach the buyer in a more personal way, properly identified and easier to relate to the application of the product in question.

Always close,
always available

02. Website

To increase the brand’s presence, proximity and availability, we created the website, the means by which the brand presents itself and its products in the digital environment. It would be important to have not only a complete presentation of the company but also its product ranges and available colors.

A platform that is always available for consultation, very practical and “easy to carry”, allowing the brand to exist and communicate beyond its packaging, sellers and physical print media.

A brand in full swing
to communicate
with your audience

03. Digital presence management

The focus on the brand’s presence in digital media other than the website, such as social networks and newsletters, arose naturally from the need to generate traffic to the website.

Through an outlined strategy, the aim is to publicize the brand in digital media and generate traffic to the website, making the brand and all its products better known.

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