Branding Cura Nuts

CURA is a traditional brand with a very modern twist. It produces natural cheeses in the traditional way, made from various types of dried fruit (!) All the cheeses are handmade using traditional cheesemaking techniques. No one would say that’s what natural and traditional means!

A charming project that offers a tasty, healthy and conscious alternative to a culinary product that is very popular worldwide. The care and talent that the cheesemaker, Daniela, had in creating and perfecting this great product was our inspiration.
It was born out of his concern about the conditions involved in the production of milk and its derivatives, mainly because of the animals and the industry’s impact on our planet. She also loves cheese and the process of making it.
We found ourselves eating cheese!

  • Client

    Cura Nuts

  • Branding

    Visual Identity, Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Graphic Design, Packaging, Illustration

  • Digital

    Digital Content, Digital Presence Management

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    Food, Vegan Food

01. Visual Identity

We gave it away for nuts,
we were eating cheese

The brand is positioned within traditional cheeses, so that was the main characteristic/objective of the visual identity: at first glance, to be placed on the “shelf” of traditional cheeses.

We designed natural objects, such as the heart-shaped seed, representing the love, affection, patience and time that Daniela takes to make a perfect cheese, giving the whole brand a very artisanal touch. It also gives them an authenticity when we say that they are cheeses made in the traditional way.

Before After
02. Packaging

To get the knife
and cheese in hand...
the knife is optional.

We used illustrations throughout the visual identity in mono or bicolor compositions to easily match the packaging of the various types of cheese.

The illustration can be adapted according to the area of the cheese label or packaging, always maintaining some common elements and finishes for greater cohesion of the Identity

03. Digital presence management

A brand
well healed

Communication for social media, very much supported by real photographs of the product and its packaging, always using the brand’s characteristic graphic elements, such as fonts, logo, colors and some symbols, depending on the element in question.

If they say so who we are to disagree?!



Carlos Pereira
Brand management

Raquel Costa
Project management

Creative Art

Benzy Oliveira
Creative Director

Cátia Amador
Graphic Design


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