CoreAngels - global network of business angels
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CoreAngels Network is a global network of business angels (bet you didn’t see this one coming), focused on supporting and investing in the creation and growth of promising startup business ideas and also provide an experience of contribution and belonging to the business angels themselves.

The brand mostly had to convey an image of great professionalism (since they deal with investments of considerable amounts of cash), lots of accumulated experience, leadership engagement and purpose.

The brand had to be prepared to derive in many sub-brands for each chapter of the network created. We kept a simple composition, used the circular shape (O) to represent the CORE and added the halo for the direct association to angels. All in a very minimal approach so that it could be easily related to something as serious as business and investments. The sober and modern look was aided by the colors dark grey, copper, and lots of white in very,very spaced compositions.
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